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Funding Your Business The Right Way (Part 2)

I bring to you the second part of the guest blog on funding for start-ups and small businesses. Whether you are an Entrepreneur or an aspiring one,  this is definitely for you.  Enjoy reading!

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Funding Your Business The Right Way – Partnerships 
By Se Lorm (CEO, Seloart) 

Today let’s look at business partnerships.
Building a healthy business partnership is very important for the growth of every business.
A partnership is an arrangement in which two or more individuals share the profits and liabilities of a business venture. Various arrangements are possible: all partners may share liabilities and profits equally  or some partners may have limited liability ( less of the risks).
This is another easy way of raising capital for your business. It is quite unfortunate that partnerships are not very common in our part of the world mostly because of greed.
A partnership will make your business life easier and will enable you to do more.

Below are four key questions you should always ask when you want to consider anyone as a partner in your business;
1. Is the person trust worthy?

2. Is the person financially sound?

3. Is the person patient?

4. What other things does the person bring on board?

Your financial muscle will determine your share in the business. Values like trust and patience to stand the test of time cannot be overemphasized.




Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her king; Let every heart prepare Him room, And Heaven and nature sing, And Heaven and nature sing, And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing. – Isaac Watts, 1719

It’s the eve of Christmas, the season to be jolly is here with us again.

Christmas, also refered to as Noël, Nativity or Yule, is the commemoration of the birth of the Wonderful Counsellor, the Everlasting Farther and Prince of Peace: Jesus Christ. Christmas, though a Christian festivity, is also celebrated by non-Christians the world over and is characterized predominantly by Christian activities and services such as the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, Christmas Day Worship Service and other activities. 

Many are those who have made adequate preparations ahead of the celebrations or travelled far and wide to commemorate the occasion with their families, friends and loved ones. As we feast on our fowls, goats and sheep, let’s not loose sight of the needy and vulnerable in Society. Christmas is an opportune time to lend a hand and put a smile on someone’s face. Be a blessing and be blessed!

And as we engage in Merry-making this season of Yuletide, let us remember, “Christ is the reason for the season”. There is no Christmas without Christ, not harmattan.

Merry Christmas to you All and I look forward to seeing you in 2017.

From: Mz Raj #Theversatileemcee and       Team Pinhole_Xpressions

2017 Bookings ongoing: Professional MC for corporate and Social events and photography/Video coverage.

It is few minutes after midnight on December 9, 2016 and I am flying the flag of my country, Ghana. Why? Ghana has emerged victorious and I should be proud.
It’s all about the Presidential and Parliamentary elections held on December 7, 2016. Generally, the process was smooth, peaceful and to a very large extent, transparent and has received lots of commendation from both local and international observers. 

With the elections coming few days after The Gambia held its own elections and the  incumbent President unseated, there was so much anxiety, whether Ghanaians will vote for the continuation “Toaso” of President John Mahama or change, for a new President. All other Presidential candidates fell along the way, leaving the the two giants of the NDC and the NPP and at this time almost all Ghanaians turned into collation officials churning out their own figures as they were reported from the various polling stations and collation centres. There was so much tension within a very short time, with several calls on the Electoral Commision to declare results. Eventhough 72hours seemed like 10years to many Ghanaians, the results were actually declared after 48hours, 12 hours ahead of the scheduled time and this is worth noting and commending. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo of the NPP was decclared winner with 53.85% of total valid votes cast.

The President-Elect, together with all Ghanaians have made history in the 2016 Presidential elections. Reasons being:

• It’s the first time in Ghana’s electoral history since the 4th Republic that a President has served just one term.

•It’s the first time since 1992 that a candidate in oposition has won the Presidency “one touch”!

•The President-elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo has broken the chain of persons called “John” elected as Presidents in Ghana since 1992.

On this note, I congratulate H.E President John Mahama and all the other Presidential/Parliamentary Candidates and MPs-elect. You fought a good fight.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana, led by the affable, confident, resilient and beautiful Mrs. Charlotte Osei, kudos for a good job done! Indeed, you proved that you were in full control.

To  our gallant Security Personnel nationwide, thumbs up for ensuring law and order throughout the process.

The Media, I say Ayekoo for the sleepless nights just to give extensive coverage and reportage.
To the President-Elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, Congrats Sir! A win for you is a win for the whole of Ghana. Be a President for All and please let the Change be felt. 
And finally, to my fellow Ghanaians, we made it!…we are a peace-loving people; we demonstrated it one more time. Tolerance, Peace and Unity carried the day and God has been faithful. 

Just as the various voice parts blend harmniously to produce good music, so have we played our individual roles for God and Country! 

Congratulations Ghana!!! 
Now, let’s talk about Christmas😉

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By: Awuradjoa Quansema Sam (Mz Raj) -Professional MC/ Voice Talent
People are divided on the issue of playing games at wedding receptions. While some find wedding games entertaining, those on the other side of the divide feel weddings are enjoyable by themselves and so there’s no need adding on extra activities and games. Some even argue that such games could be embarrassing. Whichever side you are on, you may be right! I have hosted wedding receptions where the couple and I agreed to play some games and others where there were no games at all, but were still fun. Your wedding day is your special day, you are unique and your wedding should be customized to suit your taste and preferences. What matters is your happiness and that of your guests.
Usually, the major form of entertainment at wedding receptions is music. Some folks may find such a reception very boring, especially if they don’t love to dance. In such a situation and if you belong to the second school of thought, you may not want to play games per se but inculcate other fun activities so not to make your reception mundane. That is why it is important to hire a Professional MC, who will plan the reception with you, consider the calibre of guests that would be in attendance and suggest ideas that would make each guest feel special and involved. You could do more music and dance, some comedy or hilarious wedding-related pieces by the MC or a Professional comedian, Poet or Spoken Word Artist or even, surprise Artiste performances, choreography, among others.
On the other hand, if you are a fan of wedding games, you and your MC can agree on a number of games to play at your wedding reception. Ones, which your guests will enjoy. Note however, that, too many games in just one event can drag it unnecessarily, especially if there already are a lot of items on the running order. For most receptions I have officiated, I have played not more than 2 games in one event. I believe just one or two interesting short games will do the magic! In playing wedding games, my focus as MC is usually to create a merry atmosphere and as much as possible, involve the hosts (couple), guests, bridal party, all functionaries and vendors present in the event, without losing focus of the most important activities of the day.
Wedding games are icebreakers and also come in handy to shield any delays or unforeseen circumstances as they occur. If you enjoy wedding games and probably thinking of playing one at your wedding reception, below are a few you can choose from.
The Shoe Game: This a very common wedding game, intended to find out how well the couple know each other. All that is needed for this game to be played is two chairs (positioned back to back) and your shoes. You take off your shoes and switch one with your partner, therefore; the groom holds one of his shoes and that of the bride and vice versa and you take your positions on the two chairs. The MC then asks a series of questions about the couple. For example, who is more romantic? When you’re asked a question, you raise your partner’s shoes if it best represents or describes them or your shoes if it best describes you. The interesting bit about this game is that, you can’t see your spouse and so you’ll have no idea if your answers are the same, although reactions from the guests can give a clue.
photogrid_1467135438244                                       The Shoe Game
Charades: This can be simply put in the Ghanaian context as “Pick and Act”. A single person would act out an idea,  phrase or sentence (usually provided by the MC) while the other person or rest of the group will guess. The charade is done without speech, but gestures and sometimes, mimes. Many times, I have not engaged only the couple in this game; but also the bridal party, by pitching the groomsmen against the bridesmaids and sometimes, the guests. At the end of the day, the winning team is declared.
photogrid_1477954799107                                        Charade
Spot Your Wife: Some couples are not comfortable playing this game. The reason being, “what if I choose the wrong woman?” For the few who have dared to play, it is very interesting and the guests love it too. In this game, the groom is blind-folded and is tasked to identify his wife from a queue of ladies. Some grooms use clues as their wives perfume or cologne, rings, height or body shape and the wedding gown, which obviously feels very different from all dresses worn by the other ladies in queue. When he chooses right, the aftermath is up to the couple on what they decide to do or what the MC suggests they do- hug, kiss, dance – whatever excites them. And what if he makes the wrong pick? Well, that will be unfortunate but something fun can still be created out of the situation. However, it appears most men are very smart and two grooms I have so far worked with on this game both got it right. But, on a second thought, should it always be “spot your wife”? I guess not as the tables can be turned for the bride to spot her husband…. simply, the “spot your spouse” game. I can’t wait to have a brave bride who would want to try this game.
photogrid_1477955119668                                    Spot your wife/Spouse Game
Clinking of Glasses: I was introduced to this game by a Canadian-based Ghanaian couple, whose reception I hosted in September this year, Nana Offei and Ernestina. They said it was very popular in Canada and some other parts of the world. They could not tell me exactly what the game was called, but I got the concept. After our planning meeting, I decided to read about the game and discovered it’s termed “clinking of glasses”. It’s simple, anytime during the reception, guests who would love to see the couple kiss would clink their drinking glasses with their cutlery and the MC, at his or her discretion, would heed to their calls and ask the couple to kiss, or sometimes, ignore. Trust me, it’s really fun and a sure way of getting your guests actively involved in the event. If you are not a shy couple, you might want to try this!
img-20160925-wa0060                Couple kissing during Clinking of Glasses
Garter Removal and Toss: The garter is a piece of clothing which a bride wears underneath her gown, usually on her thigh. Historically, there are various beliefs surrounding the garter, including it being a symbol of the newlyweds consummating their marriage, as well as bringing good luck to any of the guests who is able to rip it off the bride. Today, the removal of the garter is the sole preserve of the groom. In the course of the reception, the groom dances toward the bride (who would then be seated), buries his head beneath her gown and removes the garter. After the bride tosses the bouquet to the single ladies present, the groom tosses the garter to the bachelors. The man who catches the garter would then place the garter on the woman who caught the bouquet, believed to be a sign of good luck and the next in line to get married.
          Removal of Garter                                         Tossing of Bouquet
The list of wedding reception games is endless……… and you can also create one to spice up your big day if you are a lover of games but f you are not fond of wedding games, create your own kind of fun; weddings shouldn’t be boring. As an MC, I always say, your wedding is the biggest party you may ever have in your lifetime so it is important that you inject as much fun into it as possible –games or no games.
NB: All photos are from wedding receptions I have hosted or officiated
To Book Mz Raj to MC any social or Corporate Events and Pinhole Xpressions for photography/Video Services: Call/Whatsapp: 0244450156/0246312871
Photo Credit: Pinhole_Xpressions (http://www.instagram.com/pinhole_xpressions)
                           El Edem (Salt Photos)
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By: Awuradjoa Quansema Sam (Mz Raj)-Professional MC
We wake up to new and very inspiring trends in Events daily. Today, everyone wants to take their events (corporate or social) to a whole new level by renting budget-friendly but classy venues, breathtaking themes and décor, personalized stationery, professional ushering and waiting services, as well as Events Planners, who take the stress off individuals and institutions who seek to organize events by planning, executing and coordinating on their behalf. Additionally, we love to capture and preserve the memories of our special events for a life time; hence, hiring Professional Photographers. Photography, like Events Planning, is one profession which has, within a short time, gained so much grounds in Ghana with many professionals out there providing captivating still and motion picture photography….like my very own Pinhole Xpressions and the other known and highly professional photography Teams.
An integral aspect of Events which cannot be overlooked however, is the role of MCs or Emcees. The smooth running and overall success of any event rest solely on the Master/Mistress of Ceremonies; a confirmation of the expression: “the MC makes or breaks an event.”
In recent times, there has been a proliferation of Professional MCs in Ghana; some being Wedding MCs, others Corporate MCs and a lot more, all-rounded. In my very short time of operation as a Professional MC, I have observed a greater number of male MCs, which makes the profession appear male-dominated. Very few Professional female MCs like me exist, but both genders are doing great on the mic. Most of these Ghanaian Professional MCs have adopted brand slogans such as The MC.Extraordinaire, The Emcee of Our Time, Your Official MC, The Man on the Mic and my humble self: The Versatile Emcee. Shout out to The MC Academy and all the wonderful people out there rocking the mic!
“Why should I pay someone just to talk?” As a Professional MC, this and many more are some questions I am confronted with, as some people are of the view that MCing is just about “talking” and sometimes, being comical. They would rather rely on a garrulous and funny relative or friend to officiate their event, especially, weddings.
MCing, contrary to some notions, is a very tough and challenging job and arguably, the most powerful position in any event. Apart from Talent (which is from above), one must exude a lot of confidence to be able to speak for hours in public, control an event and ensure the satisfaction of all guests and audience. Professional MCs are not just talkers and the art of MCing is a skill which must be nurtured. From my experience as a Professional MC, the role of MCs sometimes extend beyond on-the-day officiating to planning; especially in cases where Event Planners are not hired. A good MC makes a Great event, and as such we view and treat every event as our own and assist with or recommend vendors, the development of running order and even, the type of songs to be played by the DJ, all with the aim of ensuring a successful and memorable event.

It is gratifying however, to note that many Ghanaians are gradually beginning to appreciate the significance of Professional MCs to their events, and do not take chances by entrusting the officiating of their events to just anyone.
To the many others who are contemplating hiring me, Mz Raj or any Professional MC and just telling a friend to handle it; simply remember that you need a Professional MC as much as you need delicious food from a good caterer, beautiful decor from a professional stylist, flawless make-up from a Beauty Therapist and dazzling pictures from a Professional photographer.
Planning your next event? Hire a Professional MC!
Photo Credit:
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